Welcome to the Double S!


The Double S Ranch, formerly known as the Johnson YJ Ranch sits nestled in the northern part of Texas’ beautiful Hill Country landscape. The ranch’s owners, Benjamin Stone and Niki Nickols, started this ranch as the realization of a lifelong dream to raise and produce extremely high quality animals both for personal enjoyment and as a sustainable source of beef for others.

The Double S is approximately 102 acres of native grass, limestone, and sits about 2mi north of the crystal clear Lampasas River. Conservation of Texas’ native post-oak savannah is a key goal of this ranch and providing native forage and habitat for Double S longhorns has become somewhat of a passion. While the ranch is a small operation in terms of overall stocking rates, our goal is to provide the animals with the highest quality grasses, best water, and most comprehensive medical evaluation program possible before leaving the ranch bound for yours.

While we do produce some animals strictly for beef, the majority of our herd is involved in our longhorn breeding program. Each one of our cows are thoroughly evaluated for coat color, horn growth, ease of calving, and overall conformation. Once evaluated, they are placed with a bull who will provide the necessary genetic compatibility towards producing an extremely high quality calf.

At the Double S, we are dedicated to quality over quantity as well as insuring the highest possible well-being of our animals so that the transition from our ranch to yours occurs without issue. All of our animals are cube-broke, as a rule at the Double S, and any animal that shows tendencies for aggression will be culled appropriately for our safety and yours.

We have a few members of our herd priced competitively and bred specifically for those interested in decorating their property with these legendary cattle to satisfy ag-exemption requirements. I’d recommend bringing a trailer with you as I’m sure you’re bound to fall in love with one or three of our herd!

Please contact us with any questions about our upcoming calves, breeding program, or if you would like to fill your freezer with some of the highest quality meat the breed has to offer. Similarly, if you’d like to come out and see our ranch, feed the cows, and maybe pull a few catfish out of our stocked pond, please contact us to schedule a visit.



Cowboy Catchit Chex x Hubbells CW Beauty
DOB: 5/13/17

Jeremiah measures 90” TTT and weighs over 2130lbs, all before his 5th birthday! He is unquestionably a superior herd sire predicting well into the 90's TTT at maturity. Jeremiah has proven genetics with the Chex pedigree on top and Concealed Weapon on the bottom, and he is producing colorful large-bodied calves. Combine that with great horn conformity and an incredibly gentle disposition and you have the makings for one of the most legendary herd sires in recent longhorn history. We are so proud to partner with FHR Longhorns, Double C Ranch, and Downey Family Farm and look forward to building a reputation driven by breeding genetics like his into our herd.